Innies or Outies

There has been much debate since the mass shootings of Adam Lanza and Elliot Rodger. Are individuals with Aspergers more prone to violence? Did Lanza’s and Rodger’s diagnoses play a role in their horrendous acts? The answer is complex. Let me begin by saying according to current research Aspergers does not make a person more likely to commit a violent crime. Just like anyone else those with Aspergers can have other mental health problems and personality disorders. Aspergers itself is not a form of mental illness and it is not a personality disorder. It is a developmental disorder that impacts a person’s ability to communicate socially and engage in meaningful relationships. This makes an individual with Aspergers more prone to bullying and the struggle with peer rejection may become unbearable but again not all individuals resort to violence.  As with people in general, personality may also play a contributing role. People who internalize things (innies) tend to take out their anger and frustrations out on themselves; whereas their polar opposites (Outies) take out their anger and frustration on others. Both of these personalities are extremes and most people fall in between. But what should society do to help those that are Innies or Outies? Isn’t it time we took a closer look at the mental health system and revamp the who,e thing and offer some real help? Perhaps then we can prevent many suicides and mass murders.


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