To help or not to help

For some reason April, May and June are extremely hard for me. Each day is a battle just a battle to survive. Everything bothers me; people, sounds, sights, events and circumstances. No matter how hard I try not to be sad or let myself slip into that dark place I can’t help myself. The pain both physical and emotional becomes unbearable. I struggle with who I should talk to and what I should say. I have found the responses to be not enough or too much. This makes disclosure of what I am really feeling difficult so I choose my words carefully and remain guarded which is not very helpful either. When someone seeks help from you how do you respond? Is it equally hard to know what to do since you do not know what is really
going on? Or do you just follow a script? Or just err on the side of caution? What is the middle ground? And how do we get there?


One thought on “To help or not to help

  1. I wonder if it is not so much that the person is saying too little or too much, but is it that the person who is going through the struggle is looking for a response that that person will not be able to provide. Some are lost for words because they don’t know how to help. Others give advice based on personal experiences . What has worked for them or for someone they know then there are also those who may proceed with caution (maybe a Co-worker) because they don’t want you to tell them too much which will make them feel as if they are in an awkward position.
    What I’m saying is. Only you know the full story. They are giving you responses based on how much you share in the moment you are feeling what you are feeling. Now that you have identified the period when you get into this dark space, the question is what can you do to prepare to cope around this time and minimize the impact.
    i am always a text or a phone call away :). You know I am never afraid to be at your side in this journey.

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