Do suicidal people really want to die?

I believe that many people who have contemplated, attempted or succeeded at suicide did so without really wanting to die. They desired instead an end to their pain. They do not know what to do and have lost hope. Their suffering has become so unbearable that they can’t see any other way to find relief except through death. Thus, I think it is imperative that we teach those at risk coping skills and finding a productive way out. Many suicidal people are conflicted about ending their lives. What are your thoughts?


5 thoughts on “Do suicidal people really want to die?

  1. I went through a depressed/suicidal time when I was young. I had my kids WAY too young and I was overwhelmed by the responsibilities. I was able to work through it but some people can’t. In American culture, I don’t think we support each other enough. Good luck with your blog. I just subscribed to you!

  2. Lots who attempt suicide are merely crying out for help and don’t actually want to die. A friend of mine walked in on her boyfriend, after he knew she was going to leave him. He called her and asked her to come home to talk. When she arrived, her key was in the door and that’s when he kicked away a stool to hang himself! So she walked in to him dangling and struggling for breath, because he knew she would save him. That sight scarred her for life. But the fact remains, it was a terrible thing for him to do, but a desperate cry for help.

  3. I agree with you. It’s mostly about ending the pain and suffering. The piece that needs to be shared with the therapist is what do you feel is causing you the pain and suffering. Trust is a big part of therapy and when information is withheld, maybe due to shame and or fear of being judged. It makes the work difficult. Keeping a journal on each episode such as when,what was happening, where you were and time of day can also be helpful.

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